How long does it usually take you to write books?

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"Ellaria Sand is the love of his life because she is his equal, if not his superior, in certain ways."

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"Hi! I’m Chris Colfer. Check me out on Teen.com! Check me out…? Well that’s suggestive."

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« I don’t want to say life is too short for drama, but I think I’m just too old for drama. I’d rather go home and be with my cat and my dog than start a war with someone. »

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MBTI asshole traits


ENFPs: Smothering little shits
INFPs: Distracted little shits
ENFJs: Manipulative little shits
INFJs: Poetic little shits
ESTJs: Psychopathic, controlling little shits
ISTJs: Boring little shits
ESFJ: Judgmental bratty little shits
ISFJs: Creepy little shits
ENTPs: Stubborn Audacious little shits
INTPs: Sore losers, but genius little shits
ENTJs: Evil little shits[oh and they know it]
INTJs: Adorably cuddly, but evil little shits[they aren’t aware they’re evil]
ESTPs: Eccentric little shits
ISTPs:Unpredictable little shits
ESFPs:Insensitive, and angry drunk little shits
ISFPs: Hipster little shits [most people on tumblr i guess]

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All alone, or in twos 
Yeah, it’s all alright
Lovely girl won’t you stay
Here I stand
If you were there, beware

outside the wall \ pink floyd
all alright \ fun.
big parade \ the lumineers
now i’m here \ queen
if you were there, beware \ arctic monkeys

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