"An hour ago we put wishes inside of balloons, and released them into the sky."
"What was your wish?"
"To stand up."


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I would have been the queen.

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Anonymous: Do you know much of your grandmother's struggles during the Holocaust? I don't mean to pry at all, it's just something I find myself impassioned about. I feel that the survivors stories should never be forgotten or overridden.

I actually do! And you’re not prying, it means the world to her that people from all around the world are interested in her story.
She was 3 when the war started so she doesn’t remember a lot (also the trauma made her forget a lot of things), but I have her survival story written in Hebrew. I’ll do my best to have finished translating it to English by the weekend (which is also Yom Kippur, so no promises /o\)

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chris + blowing kisses

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reaction to disney movie songs

age of 8: oh my god this is so awkward i hate these parts why isn't there just normal dialogue please stop the singing
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